Thursday, 22 October 2009


I have been trying to build up a good collection of art for when i move out.
So far between me and my other half we have 3 Marc Johns Prints,
(You should check him out he is awesome)...
I have a screen print from a band called Elbow, it's a run of 200 a play on their site with the sound on, it's cool), I have a lasercut of Rob Ryan's work, who is an artist who works with paper and does possibly, the coolest things ever, (Make sure you look at his work, he starts out with a solid piece of paper and just cuts away at it... a-maz-ing)
And to top it off, a friends band KONG With the launch of their new album, Jon Martin did some sketches which are really cool..

So i have a little collection there to start off with...
i want to collect more but it means storing it until i move out which, fingers crossed, will be soon..
I just need to finish being a bummy student and get a proper job...

plenty of those about at the moment.

"Peace and fucking yeah, Believe"
Nathan Barley

Wednesday, 21 October 2009


I have just set this up to have a laugh at someone who totally told a massive fib on here about buying something... when they didnt and it just absolutely sucks the joy out of buying something for someone to have them say they bought it..
i'll just let them buy everything themselves from now on..

after that laught/rant/sly dig.

I will just say that i am a photography student.
I have a flickr

I would say it's good but then that would defeat the point of being self-deprecating wouldn't it.

i always stop knowing what to write on these blog thingys...

so i shall leave with this final note...

lets get fucking shut of these accident and cash for gold adverts..
they are awful and crap.